The BURN MMA Junior class is where the martial art journey truly begins. 

Starting from the age of Seven, we enrol students to teach them self-respect, discipline, humility and the means to protect themselves through our unique self-defence system.

With our strengthening exercises, your child will gain a stronger body and improve their positive mental characteristics.

Precision striking is taught to students to give them the understanding of how to intercept a possible assailant. We use shadow boxing, a large variety of equipment and pair-work techniques to achieve this goal.

Our martial art school runs internal termly examinations from our own curriculum to show a student how they are progressing and what they need to do to improve. 

There are options to train multiple times in a week and the opportunity to be invited to special classes such as weapon training or classical martial arts sessions.

We believe in community: New students make new friends. Everyone works together and helps one another to grow into bright young adults.

Join our rapidly growing school and see what future awaits your child as an exceptional martial artist.